6 things to do to produce more breast milk for your baby

As soon as you hold your newborn in your arms – the one thing you wow to do, is give your newborn all that he or she needs. So what does a newborn need? All a newborn needs is breast milk. Here are 6 things you need to do to produce more breast milk for your baby.

There Are 6 Things You Can Do When You Want To Produce More Breastmilk For Your Baby And They Are The Following –


  1. Feed Your Baby Every Time She Cries.

    The sound of a newborn crying is an unbearable sound and most new moms panic when they hear that sound. They feel guilty and judged. It is important to understand that the cry of the newborn is nature’s way of telling you to start feeding the baby and that is all you should do

  2. Do Not Start Formula Feeds

    The only way to make your breasts produce more milk is to ensure that your baby suckles intensely and desperately when you feed her/him. Your baby will suckle with the intensity required to produce more milk – only when he/she is really hungry. If you satisfy your baby’s hunger with formula feeds – that will not happen

  3. Do Not Use Pacifiers

    Babies are born with the intense desire to suckle. They will suck at anything they are offered. If they suckle at the breast – they will cause the breast to produce more breast milk. If you give them a pacifier to satisfy their urge to suckle – they will not suckle as much at the breast – and this will lead to decreased breast milk production.

  4. Demand Privacy And Leisure To Bond With Your Baby

    Pumping after the breast is empty after a feed tells the breast that more milk is required. This prompts the breast to produce more milk at the next feed.

  5. Wear The Right Bra

    The milk is the breast is produced in the lobules of the breast and flows out through a system of tubes or ducts. Wearing the right bra allows the lobules to fill with milk and keeps the system of tubes free and unblocked for the milk to flow out. This ensures a good production and flow of milk

  6. Pump A Little After Each Feed

    The love hormone oxytocin is essential for breast milk production. You need to be relaxed and stress free to bond with your baby – to feel the love and produce more oxytocin. Don’t give in to the pressure of pleasing everyone and fulfilling your social commitments until your breast milk supply has been established well

Do these 6 things to ensure that there is enough breast milk for your baby. For further information from an experienced and qualified mom whom many breastfeeding moms follow – read this article from kellymom

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