Breastfeeding Moms need Privacy. World Breastfeeding Week

The first few days after birth are the days in which mother and baby get used to each other. It is the time when they bond with each other and learn how to communicate with each other and respond to each other’s needs.

Moms exhausted from birthing need a little while to recover physically and emotionally before they can interact with well-meaning family and friends. The baby likewise needs a little time to get used to life outside the womb.

The first few days after birth then are easiest for new moms and newborns if they have a lot of space and privacy

Why Do They Need Privacy?

Because breastfeeding involves the breasts.

Breastfeeding would have been much easier if the breasts were not involved. If the milk was emerging from a fingertip say then you could easily keep feeding the baby while chatting with your innumerable visitors.

But Breastfeeding involves the breasts. Breastfeeding involves laying bare very private part of your body which you always kept protected and covered before

It is tough to expose yourself and breastfeed the baby even when you are alone. And it becomes tougher still if you have people walking into the room all the time to visit you

The first few days of breastfeeding are very tough for new moms.

If you know someone who just had a baby convey your joy through a text message

Do not rush in to see the baby

It takes at least a week for a new mom to recover from birthing and get used to breast-feeding

Even if you are dying to see the new baby wait at least a week or ten days before you visit a new mom and the new baby.

Allow the new mom the space and privacy that she needs to get use to uncovering herself and breast-feeding her baby

That will be best for her and her baby

And that’s what you want don’t you?

This World Breastfeeding Week pledge to Support Breastfeeding

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