Breastfeeding turns Moms into superpowers

Moms need to be powerful. Actually they need to be super powerful. And breastfeeding turns moms into super powers.

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Every Mom wants a baby who is healthy, happy, smart and good-looking. Making a baby all of this is certainly no mean feat. And it would be very difficult for any Mom to do all that needs to be done to make her baby all this and more – had nature not bestowed her with the ability to produce the magic baby food called breast milk.

The ability to breastfeed turns moms into superpowers.

The ability to produce breast milk and feed their babies with it – gives moms a chance to make their babies healthier happier and smarter.

This Is How Breast Milk Benefits Babies –

    1. Breast milk contains antibodies that protect children from infections. Breast milk is loaded with immunoglobulins. Immunoglobulins are chemicals that keep babies from getting infections. That is why breastfed babies fall sick less often than bottle fed babies.
    2. Breast milk is also sterile and pure and does not come into contact with any external object before it reaches the babies stomach. Breast milk therefore does not carry any germs into the baby’s body.
    3. Breastfeeding builds the mother – baby bond. During breastfeeding – babies are necessarily skin to skin with their moms. They must necessarily be held close – nestled against their Moms. This closeness builds the mother baby bond. Bonding early in life makes babies emotionally secure. That is why breastfed babies are happier.
    4. Babies are born with incomplete brains. A large part of their brains are constructed in the first year after birth – while they are being breastfed. Brains are primarily made up of fat. And breast milk contains the very fats and fatty acids that help the brain grow. That is why breastfed babies are smarter.

Nature knows that super moms want super babies and that is why nature bestows new mom with the ability to breastfeed.

With breastfeeding super moms get super babies that is why WHO recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months

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