If your child falls sick often – he needs to sleep

In the modern world – one of the things that has become a luxury is sleep. There is so much to do that there is no time to sleep. And whatever time a person spends sleeping is considered a luxury. But sleep is not a luxury. Sleep is actually a necessity. A body and mind denied adequate hours of sleep cannot function normally. A mind deprived of sleep is easy to recognize – because it refuses to function. A body deprived of sleep however continues to function and may only protest by falling sick often. It is important to realize – that if your child falls sick often he needs to sleep.

Because children are growing and are always active – they need many more hours of sleep than adults.

When a child is awake – he is moving around and using his body or thinking and using his brain and sometimes doing both. This means that all the organs in his body are constantly working to keep his body and mind going. So all the time that your child is awake – all the organs in his body are working. They have no time to maintain themselves.

Maintenance however is essential for every machine and the organs of the body are no different. Maintenance of the organs of the body can only be undertaken when the body is asleep.

Sleep gives the organs the necessary downtime that they require to rest and repair themselves.

When the body is asleep – because there are fewer things to do – the body can give priority to tasks that are not urgent but very important. And one of these tasks is the production of immune cells.

The production of immune cells is extremely important to keep the body healthy – but it slips down the body’s priority list when the body is busy doing other things. The body needs free time to focus on manufacturing immune cells. This free time is available only during sleep.

Without sufficient hours of sleep – immune cells are not manufactured in the body in adequate numbers and it becomes difficult for the body to fight infection. And this causes repeated – unexplained sick spells.

Remember – if your child falls sick often – you need to ensure that he gets more sleep.

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