What to do when your child fights with his friend?


What to do when your child fights with his friend? If that is the question you are asking – then the answer is – remind yourself that – even though it is your child – it is not your fight !

Just like playing is extremely important for a child’s growth and development. Fights are also an essential part of a child’s development.

Unfortunately a lot of parents don’t understand that.

A lot of parents are eager to ensure that their children are always happy. They cannot bear to see their children angry upset and in tears.

And because they want their children to be happy all the time – they try to prevent their children from having fights – by keeping them away from other children. Or they swoop in to fix the fight and hand out a solution that will instantly end the fight.

Not allowing children to fight however, is not the best thing to do.

Fights happen when there are problems. And resolving fights teaches children to resolve problems.

When a child has to solve a problem on his own or has to resolve a fight on his own – he is compelled to analyse the situation and see what he did wrong.

He is also compelled to manage his emotions and calm down so that he can look for a logical solution.

It becomes necessary for him to look at the situation from the other child’s point of view and this helps him to learn empathy.

No matter how brilliant a child is or how capable – his intelligence and capability will be useless if he doesn’t know how to get along with others.

Fights and disagreements are impossible to avoid when one interacts with others and learning how to resolve a fight such that the solution is fair to everyone – is a vital life skill that parents must allow children to learn.

As you bring up your child – make an effort to bring him up in the real world where anger , sadness and disappointment are present just as often as happiness and satisfaction are.

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