How to keep your child healthy through Diwali

How to keep your child healthy through Diwali

In India we are blessed to have lots and lots of festivals. Festivals fill the air with joy – and no matter what your state of mind you end up feeling a little happier.

It is Important to focus however on remaining happy through the festival and after it. And one of the main ways to remain happy through the festival and after it is – to ensure, that you and your child stay healthy through the festival

There are 3 things that usually end up spoiling the joy of festivals

  1. Faulty eating
  2. Exhaustion
  3. Injuries

There are however easy ways to prevent all three of them

How to stay safe from faulty eating

In many ways each festival feels special only because of the foods that are attached to those festivals. Unfortunately however, the most of the popular foods that we know about attached to each festival are laden with fat and sugar and when consumed in large quantities can actually make us very sick

What is the solution?

Here are some tips

Tip one

Every festival also has a bunch of healthy foods in the form of fruits dry fruits etc associated with it, which we conveniently forget. It is important to keep these healthy foods handy as well so that children do not learn to associate festivals with unhealthy binge eating

Tip 2

Store the bulk of   snacks savouries and sweets in large containers away from sight and every day take out a small quantity that is enough for only one snack time.

Tip 3

Serve snacks in small quantities and only at snack times. Ensure that regular healthy meals are served at meal times. When snacks are served throughout the day children either eat too much of the snack or end up eating nothing at all and therefore fall sick

Tip 4

Make sure that the children drink plenty of water. Fizzy drink juices etc that are abundantly available during the festival season cannot do what water does for the body. And children end up getting dehydrated.


How to prevent exhaustion

It is most important to focus on preventing exhaustion because children get exhausted easily and when they are exhausted they fall sick. And also injure themselves more

Tip 1 to prevent exhaustion

Try to stick to the regular bed time. If children need to stay up late ensure that they have a nap in the afternoon

Tip 2 to prevent exhaustion

Let children wear clothes that they are comfortable in even they don’t look too good in them. In the effort to look good children are often uncomfortable and they trip fall and injure themselves

How to prevent injuries

During festivals we cannot leave children responsible for their own safety, because of the decorations and the people around their familiar surroundings – even their home becomes an unfamiliar space for them.

It is easy to get distracted during festivals and preoccupied with other things but always make sure that your child is watched over by a responsible adult


Let festivals remain fun. Let us come out of them energized healthy and happy not sick and exhausted

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