Your child needs germs to stay healthy

Why don’t disinfectants keep children healthy? Because your child needs germs to stay healthy.

I am certain you know that germs cause disease. And I am sure you make every possible effort to keep your child far away from germs. But what if I told you that your child needs germs to stay healthy. Would you be surprised? Well then let me surprise you.

It is heart breaking when your child is sick. It is also extremely inconvenient to have a sick child on your hands. And so naturally – most parents hate sickness and the germs that cause sickness. And so parents make every possible attempt to get rid of germs.

Conscientious parents committed to the health and well-being of their children try to keep their child’s environment clean and germ free with disinfectants. But children still fall sick and it leaves parents asking the question – “How does my child fall sick when everything around him is always so clean?”

Most parents believe in this logic. “Germs cause infections. I will remove all the germs and then there will be no infection.”

Unfortunately this is incorrect logic.

In children the cells of the immune system are like soldiers under training. They are learning to fill their guns with bullets and fire them at the enemy – that is the germs that are infecting the body. A very important part of their training is to mingle with the enemy so that they learn how to identify and kill the enemy. When children are kept in completely germ free environments their immune cells do not learn how to recognize and fight these germs and organisms. These untrained soldiers or cells of the immune system are so weak and so untrained that even the weakest germs are able to easily overpower them and cause infection.

What is important to remember then is this. When the immune system is kept far away from germs it becomes weaker – not stronger.

Do not use disinfectants to clean the environment. Because not only do these clean the dirt – they also remove all the germs and makes the environment germ free. As a result of which the immune system does not learn how to fight disease-causing organisms.

Germs are essential. They keep your child healthy. Do not remove all the germs.

Read the center for disease control (CDC) recommendations on cleaning of hands here

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