What to do when your child does something wrong


What to do when your child does something wrong

Making mistakes is an inevitable part of life. Everyone one makes mistakes.

Most mistakes are unintentional and some are the result of wrong decisions.

Some mistakes are inconsequential and some have dire consequences.

Whatever the cause of the mistake and whatever its consequence however – every mistake in life is bound by one common thread. And the thread that connects all the mistakes we make in life is – that every mistake is an opportunity to learn.

Mistakes are extremely valuable. Because every mistake is a chance to improve. Every mistake is a chance to change our lives for the better.

Because children are inexperienced and unaware of the rules of the world – they are likely to make many more mistakes than adults. It is important that they make these mistakes – because every time they make a mistake – they learn.

But as parents the mistakes our children make are not acceptable. The mistakes our children make – embarrass us. And we find that the effort to correct their mistakes is inconvenient and time-consuming. And that makes us angry.

But anger does not teach your child anything. Because your anger causes your child’s brain to shut down.

When your child makes a mistake – do the following –

  1. Show your child that you are unhappy with what he has done.
  2. Explain gently and calmly why you think what he has done is not right.
  3. Brain storm on ways to correct the mistake.
  4. Give him chance to feel sorry.
  5. Don’t react in anger. Your anger may keep your child from discovering what his mistake was

Keeping calm in situations where things are not going right is not easy. But it is our responsibility as parents to remain calm.

When we remain calm and try to rectify the situation – our children learn a very important lesson about life.

They learn that – mistakes happen – own them – take responsibility for them and make every effort to correct them. Don’t run away from them

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