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Connect with us if you feel that the stress and anxiety of parenting is weighing you down.

Reach out to us if you have questions like  Is this normal? What should I do? How should I do this? Am I right? Is this good for my child? Is this normal?

Connect with us if all the parenting advice around you is confusing you. It is difficult to follow advice – it is easier to work with reliable information. You already know what to do. Your parental instincts tell you that. Build confidence in yourself as a parent –  by backing up your instincts with science

We are here to help you if you are confused because of information overload. We are here to tell you how your child’s brain and body is changing as he / she grows. We are here to explain the science behind the art of parenting. And don’t worry science will sound like a fun story when you hear it from us.

No one can tell you how to parent your child. No one knows what your child needs better than you. Allow us to help you understand the needs of your child better by helping you understand his growing brain and body. All your child really is – is a growing brain and body. Understand the growing brain and body. It is a very important step towards understanding your child. A lot of parenting mistakes are made because we assume that our children are our miniature versions. And so we treat our children like miniature adults.

Understanding is important – because understanding builds empathy and compassion.

No one can ever be a 10/10 parent – but when you feel like you deserve a 2/10 for your performance as a parent – help us help you find the information that can help you climb back up the scale to an 8/10.

Connect with us.  It will be our pleasure to help you find answers.