The dangerous area of the face. Why is it dangerous?

The dangerous area of the face – why is it dangerous?

Doctors are not at all happy when they see injuries or infections in a triangular area around the nose.

Among doctors this triangular area that has its base as the upper lip and its apex at the mid-point between the two eye brows is called the dangerous area of the face.

Infections or injuries in this area put doctors on high alert and they should put parents on high alert too because they can be very dangerous.

The dangerous area of the face is called dangerous because an infection in that area can quickly lead to an infection in the brain.

Are you surprised? Yes – most of my patients are surprised – even shocked when I spring into action as soon as I see an infection in this triangle on the face. They just cannot believe that an infection from such a superficial part of the body can infect such a deep vital organ.

It is important to understand therefore how these two areas of the body are connected.

This triangular area of the face is drained by veins which go straight to the brain. These veins carry any infection from this part of the face to the brain through these connecting veins. And infections of the brain can result in serious conditions like meningitis, cavernous sinus thrombosis and brain abscess.

Never neglect an infection in the dangerous area of the face.

If you see a boil or injury in this area of the face – take your child to the doctor immediately.

In the early stages – these infections are relatively easy to treat and it may be possible to cure the infection just by applying an ointment that the doctor gives.

It is only in when the infection becomes deeply entrenched that it becomes difficult to cure the infection and may require several strong antibiotics.

Now that you know why the dangerous area of the face is dangerous – take action on time. Stay safe.


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