Does my Child need Braces?

We live to see our children smile. We love their toothy grins. And as parents – we get extremely worried when we notice that the teeth in that smile have become crooked.

Does my child need braces?” is the first question that then pops into our minds.

And many times – it is difficult to find a satisfactory answer to that question.

Fortunately for readers on WPA What Parents Ask however, we have available – the expert guidance of Dr. Krishnaraj from Delta Dental care.

So crooked teeth of course as everyone knows – can be corrected by braces. But the orthodontic treatment involved – to put in the braces is expensive, time-consuming and painful – and therefore getting orthodontic treatment done should be a well thought out decision.

What are the points to consider when putting in braces?

 Dr. Krishnaraj says that the decision to consult with a orthodontist for braces – can be based on the answer to the following questions.

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Question 1 – Are my child’s teeth visibly crooked?

He says that when teeth that are seen while smiling and speaking are crooked – it is definitely time to approach a orthodontist

Question 2 – Does my child have difficulty closing his mouth?

He says that in the resting position of the mouth – if the child has to make a conscious effort to close the mouth – an orthodontic treatment is indicated

Question 3 – Does my child find it difficult to bite or chew?

He says that if the child is having trouble bringing the teeth opposite each other to enable biting and chewing – the child is likely to need braces

So three simple questions – three direct answers – and you know whether you need to reach out to a orthodontist for an appointment for your child.

This is the first in the series of questions that Dr. Krishnaraj will be answering on braces. More answers follow.

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