The easiest way to ensure that your child likes vegetables

How can I ensure that my child likes vegetables?

If you could find the answer to that question and if you could get your child to actually like vegetables – you would have handed your child good health on a platter. So here comes the answer.

All of us want our children to like vegetables. But most of us have heard horror stories from other parents about how children hate vegetables. So while we are keen for our children to like and eat vegetables willingly, we are afraid to offer them because we know it will be a battle to get children to eat them.

It is important to understand why children dislike vegetables before we get into a fight with them over not liking vegetables.

Children dislike vegetables because most vegetables have a slightly bitter, alkaline or pungent taste. Their dislike of this taste is nature’s protective mechanism of protecting them from eating poisonous things because most poisons are bitter or alkaline in nature.

The only way to get children to like vegetables is – to introduce them to these tastes early and in an environment that is safe so that they learn not to be wary of those tastes. Never force your child to eat vegetables

The easiest way to introduce children to these tastes is by eating a variety of vegetables yourself while breastfeeding.

The taste of these vegetables will enter breast milk and your child will begin to like these tastes.

Feeding your child formula can make it difficult for your child to accept and like new tastes because unlike breast milk formula will always be uniformly sweet and this will result in a preference for sweets. Liking sweets too much can be very damaging to health and lead to long-term health issues like obesity and its associated complications.

Lessons learnt young are rarely forgotten. Teach the right lessons for a healthy life.

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