Hello! Welcome to What Parents Ask

Were you looking forward to having a baby and becoming a parent?

And now that your baby is here and growing rapidly – from baby to toddler – toddler to preschooler – preschooler to junior – junior to preteen and preteen to teenager – are you feeling overwhelmed?

Are you constantly wondering what to do? what to say? how to do? what to feed?

Are you weighed down by  the stress and anxiety of doing the best for your child? And is that resulting in your missing out on the beauty of the parenting journey?

Then join us at What Parents Ask.

What Parents Ask is a site for Parenting Information from experts. The site is run by Dr Debmita Dutta MBBS, MD who is a practicing clinician and a Parenting and Wellness Consultant. Read more about Dr Debmita Dutta here

Relax as Dr Debmita Dutta hand holds you through your parenting journey and answers questions like –  Is this normal? What should I do? How should I do this? Am I right? Is this good for my child?

At What Parents Ask we believe that you know what is best for your child. You already know what you should do in any given situation but you sometimes may not know ‘why’. At What Parents Ask we help you discover the ‘why’ behind the ‘should’ so that you can parent with confidence and be persistent and consistent.

If you are struggling to understand your child – join us. Your child is made up of a growing brain and body and we will help you understand the growing brain and body – so that you can understand your child.

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Most parenting mistakes are made because parents assume that their children are miniature versions of themselves and treat them like miniature adults. Understanding builds empathy and compassion. It helps you be kind – to your child and to yourself.

Let us laugh together.  At ourselves – at our children and at life.

No one can ever be a 10/10 parent – but when you feel like you deserve a 2/10 for your performance as a parent – help us help you find the information that can help you climb back up the scale to an 8/10.

Ask us questions. It will be our pleasure to help you find answers.