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If you want to increase breast milk production – you can learn how to from this gallery post

The breast milk you produce is tailor-made for your baby. The nutrients in breast milk change based on the age of your baby. Breast milk produced when the baby is 1 week old is completely different from the breast milk produced when the baby is 6 months old.

The amount of breast milk produced depends on the hunger of your baby. The more the hunger – the more the breast milk produced. Do not interfere in this process by giving your baby formula feeds.

Your baby will not be hungry if you feed your baby formula. And when he doesn’t demand milk – your breasts will reduce milk production.

If you want more milk for your baby – empty your breast by suckling more. An empty breast is the signal for more milk production.

Nature ensures that no baby ever goes hungry. It’s true – All babies have the ability to generate milk for themselves by suckling.

Brand new mummies – Please drink lots of water. Without sufficient water there can be no breast milk. Drink half a glass of water at every feed.

Videos for you What can I do to produce more breast milk for my baby and What to do when you want to produce more breast milk for your baby.

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