What to do when an insect goes into a child’s ear

It can be extremely frightening when an insect goes into a child’s ear.┬áIt can cause extreme discomfort if the insect is alive and keeps moving around. But even if it dies after going in – the thought of having an insect in the ear is enough to cause terrible panic.

So – what should you do?

In any situation involving a child – there is no point in panicking.

If the insect is dead – there is absolutely no need to panic. Once it is dead the insect is stationary in the spot where it has died and cannot cause any more harm.

All that needs to be done in a situation like this – where an insect has gone into the ear and died.

  1. Calm the child down
  2. Take your child to the ENT surgeon to take out the insect

If the insect is still alive after going into the ear.

  1. Calm down
  2. Pour a few drops of glycerine into the child’s ear
  3. Take your child to the ENT surgeon

The glycerine poured into the ear is sticky and immobilizes the insect. This transforms the live insect which is flapping it’s wings into a stationary object which then does not cause any buzzing sound or discomfort

Take the child to the ENT surgeon immediately.

The ENT surgeon will remove the insect by syringing or will extract it using a forceps

Syringing is a process by which slightly warm water at body temperature is pushed into the ear at high pressure with the help of a syringe. This washes out the insect that has gone into the ear.

It is important to understand that though syringing sounds like a simple procedure – it is in fact a procedure that requires extreme skill and precision. The water has to be pushed into the ear at a certain angle only. If the water is not pushed into the ear in the right way – it can cause the ear drum to burst leading to deafness, infection and several other complications. Never attempt syringing at home.

Never make an attempt to remove the insect with forceps or tweezers yourself either. You may damage the ear.

When an insect goes into your child’s ears – keep your wits about you. Stay calm. Take your child to the nearest ENT surgeon.


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