How to keep your newborn healthy



If you are worried about how to keep your newborn healthy, this is what you should remember.

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Newborns are so delicate – the last thing you want is for them to fall sick.

The thought of that fragile little body burning with fever or having a tummy upset is terrifying.

The fear of having a newborn falling sick is all-encompassing for new parents and so parents of newborns are constantly asking – How do I keep my newborn healthy.

If you are a new parent asking this question read this article to find out how to keep your newborn healthy.

It is impossible to keep babies away from the germs in the environment. From the minute the newborn exits the amniotic fluid and gets enveloped by air – germs rush in to occupy every nook and cranny of his or her body. And newborns need these germs. It is detrimental to their health to lock them away in sterile germ free environments.

So not allowing germs near your baby – is not only impossible but also dangerous.

Babies must live amidst germs – but they must be fortified from within – so that they can fight the germs outside them. And they can only be fortified from within when they are fed exclusively on breast milk.

Breast milk contains substances called immunoglobulins. Immunoglobulins are protein molecules that are designed to attach to the surface of germs and kill them.

Babies are born loaded with immunoglobulins – but over time – as they grow – the level of immunoglobulins in their blood falls. This makes them susceptible to infections. To keep the level of immunoglobulins high – babies need as external source of immunoglobulins. Breast milk is this external source of immunoglobulins.

Breastfeeding fills babies with mommy immunoglobulins via breast milk. Mommy immunoglobulins keep babies safe while their immune system is still maturing.

So – when you are worried about the safety of your delicate little baby – all you need to do is breastfeed.

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