How to make your child popular with his friends



Do you know someone who is really popular?

Do you know someone everyone wants to be friends with?

Do you know someone who is missed terribly when he/she is not around?

And do wonder what it is about that person that makes him/her so popular?

Is it magic?

Yes it is. It is the magical ability to be happy – no matter how many things are going wrong – is one of the most attractive qualities of popular people.

Why are these people happy when everyone is sad upset or irritated?

They have a weapon. You could possibly call it a magic wand that shields them from unhappiness.

And that weapon is called  a sense of humor.

A child who is able to see the funny side of every adverse situation – is never be unhappy. A child who is able to recall the challenging times in her life with a smile – because she remembers everything that was hilarious about her challenges – will always have something to smile about.

But can you gift your child a sense of humor? Isn’t it something in-born?

The answer is yes – you can gift your child a sense of humor and you can do that by being happy yourself. Because a sense of humor is infectious.

When you are around a person who finds something funny in every situation, when you are around a person who laughs at every difficulty – you automatically “catch” a good sense of humor. It is almost like catching a cold.

At first you find things funny when you are in the presence of the person who is happy. Then slowly you start seeing the funny side of things even when you are alone.

And slowly – nothing upsets you anymore. Nothing makes you sad.

You crack a joke when things go wrong. You laugh and smile even when there is nothing to make you smile.

So if laughing, smiling, being happy and being able to see the funny side of things is infectious – can you be the source of that infection for your child.

Can you spread your sense of humor to your child?

Once your child catches your sense of humor – she will spread it to those around her. She will laugh at her problems and make others laugh at their problems.

A person who can laugh and make others laugh will be the most popular person around. She will be wanted and awaited in every situation because of her ability to transform unhappy times into happy ones with her magical power of making everyone laugh.

She will transform the lives of everyone she meets and create a happiness epidemic.

Be the creator of happiness. Build your sense of humor and help your child build hers.

Laughter after all is the best medicine.

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