Weekly Menu For Tuesday – Nutritious New Tastes

Tuesdays are the days to heave a sigh of relief that you have survived the craziness of the manic Monday. It is not the day to slog it out in the kitchen – but it’s the second day of the week – and there can be no compromise on nutrition.

Here is the weekly menu plan for Tuesday The nutritional and parenting inputs to the menu come from WhatParentsAsk.com and the menu design and recipes are brought to you by Ovenderful.

The menu helps you plan meals for the day from scratch. If you are a busy parent or a working mother, stop worrying about ‘what to cook for today?‘ Instead follow the instructions given in the weekly menu plan and find your healthy meal for the day get ready.

Challenges With Planning The  Tuesday Menu –

  1. The Tuesday menu must be planned such that it has all the nutrients in the right proportion
  2. The meals should be easy to cook – so that other pressing tasks – not linked to the kitchen can be accomplished as well.
  3. The meals should be fun – to set the mood for a great week.

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Tuesday Menu Breakup

  1. A filling breakfast
  2. A nutritious 11 am snack
  3. A power packed tasty tiffin
  4. An exciting and energizing lunch
  5. A rejuvenating 4 pm snack
  6. A relaxing and refreshing dinner

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Weekly Menu Planning – Day 2 Tuesday

This menu is designed by Simran Oberoi Multani with nutritional and parenting inputs from Dr Debmita Dutta

Breakfast – Idly with Peanut chutney

10 am snack – Baked veggie chips (using sweet potato, spinach, Beetroot and potato slices)

Lunch – Black chana curry, with  mixed vegetable stir fry and jowar chappati

Lunchbox – Mixed veg cheese calzone

Evening snack – Date oats nuts bar

Dinner – Black chana broccoli whole wheat burgers

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The Features On The Tuesday Menu

  1. Each meal sources carbohydrate differently
  2. The protein sources for each meal are unique
  3. Three fats have been used in the menu
  4. Vitamins , minerals and fiber are in focus at every meal whether big or small
  5. The menu is designed to resemble the junk food that children like so much – with healthy elements concealed in them
  6. Some key ingredients have been repeated in all the meals to make cooking easy and relaxed.

The Theme For The Tuesday Menu

The key ingredients for the Tuesday menu are boiled Kala chana and mixed vegetables. The Kala Chana is cooked the Indian way for lunch,  and included in a burger at dinner time. The mixed veggies are made the Indian way for lunch and the same preparation is hidden in the calzone that makes it to the lunch box.

Weekly menu plan for Tuesday

Weekly menu plan for Tuesday by Simran

Recipes For Tuesday




Parboiled Ponni Rice ­­­­­­­­- 1 1/2 Cups

Urad Dal – 1/2 Cup

Methi /Fenugreek Seeds –1 tbsp

All soaked For 3-4 Hours Separately


  1. Grind them separately and then mix them together.
  2. Keep them aside for fermenting for 7-8 hours
  3. Put some water in an Idly steamer
  4. Add the batter into the Idli segment after applying oil gee to them
  5. And put it on the stove.
  6. Put it inside the idly vessel and let it steam for 5-6 minutes.
  7. Leave it inside for 3-4 minutes and then serve with chutney / sambhar.

10 AM Snack

Baked Veggie Chips (using Sweet potato, spinach, beetroot, potato slices).


Thin slices of sweet potato, beetroot and potato

Washed leaves of spinach.

Method –

  1. Place all of these onto the baking tray.
  2. Drizzle some oil and then sprinkle salt, pepper and basil.
  3. Bake it at 170 degrees C, for 20 minutes or until they turn crisp.
  4. Cool off and eat.


Lunch Box

Mix-Veg Cheese Calzone ( use the mix veg combination from lunch)

Vegetable calzone

Vegetable calzone

The crust of the calzone can be pre-made and kept.


Wholewheat flour 1 cup

Cold butter 3 tbsp

Salt 1 tsp

White and black sesame seeds mixed 1 tsp

Cold water.


  1. Rub the butter into the flour
  2. Which has already been seasoned with the salt and the sesame seeds
  3. Once it is rubbed in well and looks like bread crumbs
  4. Add the cold water to bring the dough together
  5. Cling wrap and store for an hour
  6. Take it out and then cut into small discs
  7. Put the filling
  8. Cover it with the remaining half and seal the end
  9. Brush the top with oil lightly,
  10. Sprinkle some of the sesame seeds if you want.
  11. Bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes until brown, at 180 degrees C.



Black Chana curry

Black Chana Curry

Black Chana Curry


Gingelly or Groundnut Oil 2 tsp,

Cumin / jeera 1 tsp

Bay leaf / tej patta 1

Hing / Asafetida 1/2 tsp

A small stick of cinnamon

Onion finely chopped 1

Red chilly

Ginger garlic Paste 2 tsp

Tomato finely chopped 1 cup


Red chilli Powder

Coriander Powder,


Spices as per taste

3 cup water for 1 cup of chana that has been soaked overnight.

Method –

  1. Put Oil in Pressure cooker
  2. Saute the jeera, dal cinnamon, bay leaf in the oil
  3. Then now saute 1 onion, red chilly and ginger garlic paste.
  4. Then add the tomato and cook until it is soft and loses its rawness.
  5. Put in the 1 cup black chana and the water.
  6. Then add the remaining spices except garam masala.
  7. Pressure cook for 6-7 whistles or till the chana gets cooked completely.
  8. Open the cooker and add the garam masala. Mix well and serve.

 Jowar Chapati


 1 cup of jowar flour 1 cup

Warm water.

Mixed the same way as regular chapatti.

This is a tough dough to work with since it cannot be rolled.

So you need to shape the discs with your hands

And then place it onto the tawa for cooking.

Mix Veggies Stir-fry ( Use gingelly/groundnut oil)

vegetable stir fry

Vegetable stir fry


Oil -1 tbsp

Seasonal vegetables of your choice

Jeera – 1 tbsp

Curry leaves ( optional)

Dry spices as per your requirement –



Red chilly

Coriander powder

Garam masala.


  1. Slightly sauté the jeera and curry leaves.
  2. Add the chopped vegetables. Let them cook through,
  3. Add the dry spices. You could add a spoon of water if the vegetables stick to the bottom of the pan.
  4. Keep stirring until it is cooked.
  5. Serve hot.

Evening Snack

Date , Oats, Nuts – Energy Bar   


Roasted oats 1 cup

Chopped dates and almonds/walnuts

Seeds mix like chia seeds, melon seeds, sunflower seeds

Raw unrefined sugar 1/2 cup

Melted butter to get it together.

Method –

  1. Mix all the above first
  2. Add the melted butter to bring it together.
  3. Pack it tightly into a square baking tin lined with parchment paper.
  4. Bake at 160 degrees C for 30 minutes and
  5. Cut it into squares.
  6. Bake an additional 5-7 minutes.
  7. Cool off
  8. Remove the squares and eat or store in air tight container.


Black Chana- Broccoli Wholewheat Burgers (Olive Oil) 

black chana patty for burger

Black Chana patty for Burger


Left over chana from lunch or extra boiled chana 1 cup

Grated broccoli 1/2 cup

Boiled potato 1

Salt 2 tsp,

Oregano 1 tsp

Paprika 1 tsp

Crushed garlic 1 tsp

Chopped spring onions 1/2 cup

¼ Cup grated cheese 1/4 cup

Olive oil 1 tbsp

Breadcrumbs 1 cup


  1. In the oil, sauté the onions
  2. Add the chana, broccoli, potato and mash them well together.
  3. Add the seasoning and finally the cheese.
  4. Mix all of it together.
  5. Make small burger sized patties,
  6. Coat them with bread crumbs and shallow fry.
  7. Use these in wholewheat burgers.

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