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Parenting Workshops

Parenting Workshops are conducted by Dr Debmita Dutta at corporates and schools.

Workshops are between 90 minutes to 2 hours in duration

The sessions are fun interactive sessions that explain the science behind the art of effective parenting. Hard core medical science is explained with fun examples from every day life without the use of mind boggling medical terminology.

Every workshop is customized to suit the needs of the participants keeping in mind the parenting challenges specific to them as described by the organizers

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Parenting workshops – must attend for all parents

  1. Parenting Effectively when you don’t have time
  2. Guilt free parenting
  3. Positive parenting for loving discipline
  4. Parenting for success
  5. Finding “me” while being mommy
  6. Writing the “Dad diaries” successfully

Parenting Workshops for parents of 1 – 8 year olds

  1. Decoding the balanced diet
  2. How to handle a Picky / Fussy eater
  3. Building the little brain series – Part I – Building the little brain with attachment
  4. Building the little brain series – Part II – Building the little brain with sensations
  5. Building the little brain series – Part III – Building the little brain with speech
  6. Building the little brain series – Part IV – Building the little brain with reading
  7. Building the little brain series – Part V – Building the little brain with speech
  8. How to keep your child safe from abuse
  9. How to discipline your child without punishment
  10. How to select the right preschool for your child
  11. How to deal with separation anxiety when your child start school
  12. How to play with your child
  13. How to tame the tantrums and raise a thinking child
  14. How to build motivation and self-esteem in your child
  15. How to build emotional intelligence and social skills in your child
  16. How to facilitate learning when your child starts school.
  17. Understanding your growing child

Parenting Workshops for parents of 9 – 19 year olds

  1. Understanding your adolescent
  2. How to communicate with your adolescent
  3. How to discipline your adolescent – the art of saying “No”
  4. How to help your adolescent cope with stress
  5. How to help your child study better
  6. Decoding the balanced diet for teenagers

Workshops for Adults

  1. The tight rope walk – balancing work with life
  2. Beat stress with positive thinking
  3. Decoding the balanced diet
  4. Health, hygiene and safety for women

Teenagers – Workshops to help with growing up

  1. How to utilize the Teen years effectively
  2. Growing p workshop for Girls – understanding and coping with puberty
  3. Growing up workshop for Boys – understanding and coping with puberty
  4. How to study effectively and perform better.

Parenting workshops during pregnancy / Prenatal Classes

  1. Antenatal / prenatal nutrition – Eat right to make the perfect baby without gaining too much weight
  2. Antenatal / prenatal exercise – Stay fit through pregnancy to make a better baby
  3. Birthing – prepare for both natural birthing and cesarean section
  4. Breastfeeding – Prepare both mentally and physically to be your baby’s source of nourishment
  5. Newborn care – Learn how to care for your newborn’s body and how to grow his/her brain
  6. Postnatal care – Find out what you need to do to go back to being the pre-pregnancy you

Parenting workshops for new parents

  1. Breastfeeding – the art and science
  2. Sleep issues – learn to handle them
  3. Baby care – caring for the body and growing the brain
  4. Weaning effectively
  5. Understanding and connecting with your growing baby
  6. Nutrition for new Moms
  7. Exercise for new Moms

All workshops are customized to suit the needs of the organization/institution and the participants.

New workshops can be curated and created if required.

Please call 9611739400 to discuss or mail with your requirements


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