Food is the most basic connection between a parent and a child.

The parent is the provider – the provider of food, shelter, love and safety.

All parents want to provide the right food to help their children stay healthy and reach their full physical and mental potential – and we are here to help you do that.

Dr Debmita Dutta MBBS, MD from What Parents Ask has joined forces with Simran Oberoi Multani from Ovenderful to design weekly menus for your family that will be easy to make and fulfill the nutrition needs of the whole family.

Food is much more than nutrition. Food connects us – that is why we like to eat together. Food is an emotional balm – that is why we love some foods and turn to them when we are happy and find comfort in some foods and turn to them when we are sad. And we understand that.

We understand that every family eats differently and that every family cooks differently and we realize that a standard diet cannot work.

So we are offering to help you modify what you eat every day.

This is what we will do –

  1. We will look at what you are already eating and analyse how it is deficient
  2. We will add-on certain elements that will make your existing menu healthier
  3. We will suggest what you can do to make your menu more interesting without compromising on nutrition and without spending hours in the kitchen.
  4. We will ensure that we make the preparation of the meals that we suggest – easier than what you are already used to doing. The aim is to help you finish cooking in about an hour every day.
  5. We will help you with exhaustive ingredient lists and efficient kitchen workflows that will make life very easy for you.

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Simran Oberoi Multani – 9740255588

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