Consult with Dr DebmitaDutta

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If you are expecting a baby

Prenatal nutrition

Prenatal exercise

Information on birthing (including cesarean section)

To prepare for breastfeeding

To learn how to care for and connect with a newborn

To learn what you need to do to recover from birthing

If you are new parents –

For help with breastfeeding

For help with baby sleep issues

For help with newborn care

For help with toilet training

For help with losing weight and becoming fit after birthing

For guidance in weaning

To understand and bond with your growing baby

If you are the parents of a preschooler / toddler

To learn about healthy diet for a young child

To handle a Picky/Fussy  Eater

To discover how to build your baby’s brain

To learn how to discipline with love

To learn how to prevent childhood abuse

To find out how to select the right preschool

To learn how to deal with separation anxiety

To learn how to play with your child

To learn how to tame the tantrums and build thinking skills

To learn how to teach reading and writing to a struggling child

To learn how to build motivation and self-esteem in your child

To learn how to build social skills

To learn how to facilitate learning

If you are the parent of a school going child / pre-teen / teen

To learn how to understand an adolescent

How to discipline with love

How to build motivation and self-esteem

To help your child cope with stress

To help your child learn about puberty

To help your child study effectively




counseling for new parents

Counseling for new parents by Dr Debmita Dutta