How to attend Prenatal classes / Lamaze classes / Pregnancy classes / Antenatal classes in Bangalore?

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If you are pregnant – you must be as scared and worried as you as excited and happy

And that is perfectly normal and absolutely justified.

Ask me questions about yourself, your pregnancy and your baby in my prenatal classes. I am passionate about answering all the questions that expectant moms have, and putting to rest all their doubts.

Before you join me at my prenatal classes however, let me answer some questions about the prenatal classes themselves.

What you can expect from my prenatal classes?

My prenatal classes /pregnancy classes/Lamaze classes will help you understand the “how” and “why” behind everything that you will experience during pregnancy, birthing, breastfeeding and newborn care. When you understand what is happening and why – nothing will frighten you or worry you.

Having a baby is a completely natural process and I will help you to understand it and participate in it in a manner that fits in with contemporary urban living.

In my classes I will take you through the challenges that may emerge through pregnancy, childbirth and the newborn period and I will teach you strategies to overcome these challenges naturally.

Once you know what to expect, why it is happening and how to handle it – you are sure to have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

What is structure of the prenatal classes?

The entire program consists of five classes

  1. Prenatal nutrition / Pregnancy diet class
  2. Prenatal exercise / Exercise during pregnancy class
  3. Birthing class
  4. Breastfeeding class
  5. Newborn care class

What is the content of the prenatal classes/ pregnancy classes?

  1. The prenatal nutrition class

In the prenatal nutrition you will learn

  • What you must eat during pregnancy and why.
  • What are the nutrients your body and your baby need and how those needs change as your pregnancy progresses
  • How you need to alter your diet to cater to different needs during different times in your pregnancy..
  • How you can modify your existing diet to make sure you receive the right nutrients during your pregnancy.
  • The prenatal class will also include a section on what to eat after you deliver – the post partum or post pregnancy diet

customized healthy weekly menu

  1. The prenatal exercise class

Pregnancy is meant to be a time of rest. A moderate amount of natural movements is all that is required during this period. The focus should be on ensuring that the muscles and joints retain their original shape and function as far as possible so that going back to your pre-pregnancy state once you have delivered – is not so difficult. That is what I teach in my pregnancy exercise class. And my focus in the class is as much on what you should not do as it is on what you should do. I often get asked if I can teach prenatal yoga that will ensure normal delivery instead of cesarean section – the answer is “no”. Cesarean section is a lifesaving procedure and the decision to perform the procedure is made by the doctor when you are in/near labor. I cannot guarantee that certain exercises will change this decision.

At my class you will learn

  • Exercises that will reduce stress and anxiety and improve sleep like breathing exercises
  • Exercise to keep you comfortable like stretching exercises.
  • Exercises like the Kegel’s exercise that will strengthen and tone the muscles needed for child-birth.
  • You will also learn how not to injure yourself or harm your baby during pregnancy.
  • The exercise class will also include a section on exercises to do after delivery to recover from the restful period of pregnancy and go back to active living.
  • Note – Breathing exercises to be done during labor (Lamaze Exercises) are part of the birthing class
  1. Birthing class

My birthing class is divided into 2 parts.

  • In the first part I explain what really happen when your body pushes your baby out during birthing – which in other words in the process of natural birthing. I then explain how your participation in this process is almost automatic – but what you can do to feel more comfortable.
  • In the second part of the class – I explain what cesarean section is – what you can expect if you are taken up for cesarean section. I explain everything in detail so that you can remain stress free through the process. In my opinion it is extremely important to understand and be mentally prepared for cesarean section because 15% of women eventually deliver by cesarean section.
  • In this class you will also learn the Lamaze exercises that are breathing exercises to do during labor and birthing
  • The role of the husband/partner is extremely important through the birthing process and I also focus on what he can do.
  1. The newborn care class

The newborn care class focuses on everything you will need to do for your newborn in the initial months.

  • You will learn the technical aspects of newborn care – like how to hold the baby, how to take care of the umbilical stump, how to change diapers and how to bathe the baby are definitely an integral part of the class.
  • You will also learn what you need to do to bond with your baby and how you can build your baby’s brain in these very crucial months when the brain is growing rapidly.
  • This class is also a primer to parenting and will teach you the essential elements to keep in mind so that problems do not arise later.
  1. The breastfeeding class

Breastfeeding is not easy and it is not uncommon for overwhelmed new moms to give up on breastfeeding because they are poorly informed about how to feed their babies. In my class you will learn –

  • The science behind breast milk production so that you can analyse and detect what may be going wrong when you don’t have enough breast milk.
  • Tips and tricks on what you can do to master the art of breastfeeding.


How Can I Attend Prenatal Classes In Bangalore

  1. The prenatal classes that I conduct are one on one sessions. There are no group classes.
  2. I recommend that both expectant parents (the would-be mother and the would-be-father) attend the classes.
  3. Each class is one hour in duration
  4. Up to 3 classes can be done in one session. Which means that all 5 classes can be done in two days in two  sessions if you are located at a distance and cannot make too many trips.
  5. The date and time for each class can be decided by a telephonic conversation. Call 9611739400 for more information.
  6. You should ideally attend the classes after you have crossed the 16 th week of pregnancy
  7. The classes are held in my office at in Cambridge Layout. The address is The Parenting Place 107, Regent Point (Food World Building) , 6 Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir Road, Cambridge Layout, Ulsoor – Bangalore – 560008. This is the map link
  8. Classes are available on all days of the week (including Saturday and Sunday).
  9. You could choose to do one or more classes. A fee concession is available if you choose to do all 5 classes.
  10. If you are short on time – I would recommend 3 classes as must-do before you deliver. They are – the birthing class, the newborn care and the breastfeeding class. These can be done in a single 3 hour session on one day.

Who am I?

About Dr Debmita Dutta MBBS, MD

I am a practicing doctor. My qualifications are MBBS, MD. I have 18 years of experience. During my career I have worked in obstetric units (that care for pregnant mothers and deliver babies) and neonatal units (that receive the newborn and take over from the obstetric unit once the baby is born). I am also a Parenting consultant and conduct workshops on parenting for various preschools, schools and corporate organizations. I also consult with parents with children in all age groups (newborn to 19 years) and hand hold them through the bumps in their parenting journey.

Looking forward to seeing you!!

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