10 ways to prevent your child from falling sick often

Falling sick is a part of growing up. But some children fall sick very often. Falling sick often means a whole lot of problems – both for the child and the parents. And there are 10 ways to prevent your child from falling sick often.

A child who is sick very often becomes weak and misses out on fun and activities.

Parents who have sick children suffer the pain of seeing their child sick and have to bear with the inconvenience of having their home and office routine thrown out of gear.

So – can you reduce the number of times your child falls sick?

The answer fortunately is yes

Here are 10 things you can do –

  1. Start when your baby is born – always breastfeed. Breastfed babies are healthier than bottle fed babies
  2. When you clean – use soap and water. Do not use disinfectants. Children need germs to stay healthy. Don’t keep them in germ free environments
  3. Make sure your child washes his hands frequently and correctly. Hand washing is the easiest way to stay disease free
  4. Ensure that your child eats a balanced diet. Deficiencies of vitamins and minerals can weaken the immune system.
  5. Protect children from air pollution. Let them spend a good part of the day under open skies and under shady trees.
  6. Ensure that your child gets enough sleep. When the body has nothing else to do – it can focus on maintaining the immune system.
  7. Ensure that your child drinks enough water. 70% of each immune cell is water. It is the ne thing that the immune system requires the most.
  8. Ensure that your child exercises. Exercise improves the oxygen supply to the immune cells so that they function better.
  9. Focus n reducing the stress in your child’s life. During stress the immune system cannot focus on manufacturing immune substances and cells.
  10. Do not give your child too many medicines. Children need illnesses to coach their immune system to fight infections.

Keeping your child is not that difficult. Follow these 10 tips.

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