What to do when your child is cranky during the rainy season

Are you wondering why your child is irritable and cranky during the rainy season.  Are you getting worried about your child’s behavior?

Stop worrying!

It is normal for children to get cranky during the rains. In fact it is normal even for adults to become cranky during the rains.

If you find your child is cranky – here is what you can do

  1. Take your child out for a walk – When a restless child comes into contact with nature – he is sure to calm down considerably. Nature with its vastness and limitlessness has the effect of soothing stressed minds considerably
  2. Take your child to play with other children – The rainy season compels us to stay indoors and isolate ourselves from contact with other people. Isolation causes stress because human beings are designed to be social animals. Contact with other children will immediately boost your cranky child’s mood and make him happy by reducing his stress.
  3. Dance or play a game inside the house – When it is impossible to go out – do something to move the body anyway. Put on the television or tune into You Tube – but don’t sit down and watch what is playing. Tune into a dance video and try to dance along. Or play a game that involves moving around – like twister. Moving the body keeps the brain happy.

Children need to stay connected with nature. Children need to stay connected with people. And children need to stay active. That is the secret to their happiness.

If you are wondering why your child is irritable and cranky during the rainy season. Stop wondering – start doing. You can easily turn the gloom that has descended on your house into happiness – by making small changes.

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