3 ways in which Exercise improves Immunity

There is so much that has been said about exercise. But somehow research is still to pinpoint what exactly exercise does for immunity. If the lack of evidence is keeping you from exercising – here are 3 ways in which exercise improves immunity

Exercise is good. It keeps you healthy. You know that so do I. Exercise is good for everyone – but it is invaluable and irreplaceable for children. Again – you know that and so do I.

But getting children to exercise is not easy.

Children need to be kept safe while they exercise – so they must be accompanied all the time. They must be taken to places that are safe so that they can run around. And these places may not be easily accessible to us parents while we juggle all the tasks on our crazily busy schedules.

With all these deterrents to exercise – it is tempting to entertain children by handing them a device or plunking them in front of a television set and completely skipping on exercising.

It is especially tempting to do that because while we know that exercise is good. We don’t know what exactly it does to keep us healthier.

Actually science is yet to put down in black and white – what effect exercise has on the immune system. However, it is now known that exercise definitely does 3 things to keep us healthy.

Exercise increases the oxygen supply to the lungs. With more oxygen in the body – every cell in the body has an abundant supply of oxygen. And oxygen helps the cells to function to function to the best of their capacity.

Exercise improves blood circulation. With exercise – the cells of the immune system reach every corner of the body. In this way every corner of the body is kept safe from infection.

Exercise also reduces stress. With exercise – hormones like serotonin that relive stress and promote happiness – come into circulation. When stress levels increase – immune cells and immunity are automatically improved.

These three effects of exercise on the immune system are reason enough to ensure that our children exercise regularly.

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