5 Reasons you should allow your child to get bored

Boredom is good for your child. Watch this video that tells you the 5 reasons you should allow your child to get bored

What do you do when your child is bored?

When children say they are bored – it typically leaves us parents feeling extremely guilty.

We feel like we have wronged our children in some way and we rush to undo the wrong.

But we shouldn’t.

Don’t jump up to arrange an activity or give them a gadget to play with

Research shows that it is important for children to learn how to endure boredom


These are the 5 reasons we should allow children to get bored


  1. Enduring boredom is an essential life skill. When kids learn how to cope with boredom – they learn to deal with loneliness and frustration. It is important for children to learn to handle loneliness and frustration because these are an inevitable part of life. Not learning to deal with these feelings can make children attempt foolish things like suicide to combat these feelings later in life.
  2. When children get past the initial loneliness and frustration of boredom – they discover creative ways of dealing with their boredom and become creative people. When kids are bored – they begin to use their imagination and come up with different ways to spend their time creatively.
  3. Boredom is a journey of self-discovery. When your child has no one else to entertain her – she will discover what an interesting and entertaining person she is. She will begin to enjoy her own company and this will be a self-esteem building exercise. Learning to enjoy being alone and learning to be unafraid of solitude are immense qualities.A child who can handle solitude can handle anything.
  4. Boredom builds motivation and self-reliance. When there is no one to do things for you – you eventually learn to do things for yourself and become self-reliant. You learn that if you want something – you have to do something to make it happen. And that builds motivation.
  5. Perseverance is boring – but you must persist to succeed and for that you must learn how to endure boredom. Good things take time – it is boring to wait – but wait we must – if we want something good. A child who learns to endure the boredom of waiting is more likely to succeed because he is not in a hurry to receive gratification.
  6. Remember to teach your child that boredom is a choice. You can choose not to be bored

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