5 ways to build your child’s sense of humor

Life is tough. There are failures and disappointments waiting for us around every corner. And the only way to succeed in life is to learn to laugh at the problems life throws at us.

It is not easy to laugh at difficulties and problems. It is not easy to laugh when the world is insisting on making us cry. Only a person with a good sense of humor can laugh at herself and her problems.

So does your child have a good sense of humor?

If she doesn’t don’t worry – because it is possible to build a sense of humor.

Here are 5 ways to build your child’s sense of humor.

  1. Don’t try to be perfect all the time. A lot of times looking perfect becomes much more important to us than actually being perfect. We want everyone around us to admire and appreciate us for being perfect when in our hearts we know that we are not even close to perfect. Trying to be perfect all the time is stressful and it can lead to us being worried and unhappy. Our unhappiness will surely rub off on our children and make them unhappy. So – if you want a happy child – recognize your imperfections and learn to laugh at them. Also let your child be imperfect sometimes.
  2. Be spontaneous – Routines and schedules are very important to get work – but it is also important to be spontaneous sometimes. The joy of doing something unplanned – just because you feel like doing it is unique. Children often want to do things for no particular reason and no matter how busy life is – it is important to allow that to help them build a sense of happiness.
  3. Build an atmosphere of fun in everything that you do – With the number of tasks that we have on hand – there is always too much to do and too little time. And the easiest thing to give up when there is no time is – fun. And that is what we often do. We stop being joyful – we stop laughing – because there is no time. But this is not correct. Have fun all the time – in everything that you do. Let children learn to be happy all the time – when they are doing work that they dislike, when they are under pressure and when they are in difficult situations.
  4. Show your child how to laugh at himself – When the world laughs at you it can cause a lot of unhappiness. How can you stay happy? – by laughing at yourself! Teach children that all our faults and defects and shortcomings are funny. That we can laugh at ourselves. And that we can laugh at ourselves and be happy because of our defects instead of sad.
  5. Be funny yourself – As we become busier and busier – we stop taking out the time to be funny – to crack jokes – to make others smile with our little antics. Often by the time children arrive in our lives – we are too busy to care about being funny and making others laugh. If this is the side of us that our children always see – they are unlikely to develop a sense of humor. Be funny – encourage your child to be funny too.

A sense of humor is a precious gift. Give it to your child. It is the only way you can ensure that your child will be happy.

Here are some more tips on building your child’s sense of humor.

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