Why is breast milk so good for my baby?

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It is amazing how a little being who is less than a foot in length and a few pounds in weight can change your life.

Newborns are tiny – but their parents have big dreams for them. From the minute they hold their newborns in their arms – parents dream of the amazing people their babies will grow into and the amazing lives they will have.

For any dream that parents have for their babies – to come true – their babies will first need good health. And the first thing that can bring good health is – breastmilk.

But while nature endows every mother who carries a baby with the ability to produce breastmilk – nature makes the process of passing on that milk – or the process of breastfeeding – quite difficult. And that often makes new mothers question the whole idea of breastfeeding and ask – why is breastmilk so good for my baby.

So If You Are A New Mom And If You Are Wondering Why Your Baby Need Breastmilk

Here Is What You Need To Know.

    1. The number one factor that influences your baby’s growth and nourishment is breastmilk.
    2. The fatty acids in breastmilk build the brain making breastfed babies faster learners.
    3. The mom and baby bond develops when babies are breastfed – making babies emotionally secure even as they grow. An emotionally secure child is not afraid to fail. And therefore learns faster and better.

If you are a new mom – who dreams of a bright and beautiful future for your baby – know that your baby’s bright future is in your hands. You can light up your baby’s future up by nursing him with love. You can make him emotionally secure and resilient by bonding with him. You can make him healthy and keep him safe from diseases by nursing him.

You can give him a head start in life by breastfeeding.


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