Breastfeeding moms need champions. World Breastfeeding Week

Breastfeeding is not easy. Breastfeeding moms need champions.

A lot of new moms give up on breastfeeding because they think they don’t have enough breast milk.

Breastfeeding actually would have been much easier if the breasts were transparent like the feeding bottles

No one would have made “I don’t think you have enough breast milk statements” if that was the case.

If breasts were transparent breast milk would have been there for everyone to see. Unfortunately however breast milk cannot be seen and so moms are always worried about whether or not they have enough breast milk.

When we are around new moms with new babies – we are overcome with love and concern. We want to help in some way. And the easiest way seems to be to give advice on breast milk production because that is what is essential at that point.

In our enthusiasm to help however we sometimes forget that we may be expressing our concern in such a way that we may actually be frightening new moms and sending them into a state of panic.

If you are around a new breastfeeding mom never ask her “Do you have enough breast milk?”

Never tell her “I don’t think you have enough breast milk”

Reassure her. Tell her that you are sure that she has enough breast milk because nature ensures that every mother always has enough breast milk for her baby

When you reassure a new mom and tell her she has enough breast milk she is likely to be stress free and be able to produce more breast milk and look after her baby better

That’s what we want don’t we?

Let’s ensure that we never make new moms feel inadequate or insecure. With our words and our attitudes let us empower moms.

On World Breastfeeding Week let us pledge to support breastfeeding

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