How can I get my teenager to open up to me

“How can I get my teenager to open up to me?” that is the question almost every parent wants answered.

Parents of teenagers are usually anxious to know what their teens are thinking and doing. But moody unpredictable teenagers can often be very difficult to talk to and this can leave parents feeling very frustrated. If you are the parent of a teenager and you want your teen to open up to you – here is what you should know.

Remember that your teen is not a taller version of the child you had. He is completely a new person whom you need to come know again. The only way you can come to know this person is by listening to him. You will slowly have to build a channel of communication with this is new person – your teenager and then you will have to keep the channel of communication open.

So listen more than you talk and listen to your teen whenever he wants to talk. Drop everything and listen to your teen whenever he finds the courage to talk.

Listen without getting angry or upset.

Allow your teen to finish what he is saying before interrupting with your views and questions

And be honest and gentle when you begin to speak.

Recognize that your teen’s talking to you is a unique opportunity that will not come again and again

Don’t misuse this opportunity to interrogate your teen or to extract information from him

Be patient and gentle.

You will find that with this attitude of listening and being patient and gentle, your teen will gradually open up to you.

As parents we are often paranoid. We think that our children want to shut us out and want to keep things secret. That however is not true. Teenagers need us they want to share what they are thinking and feeling. They just to say it to a person who won’t judge them for thinking and feeling as they do. Read more tips on teen parenting here

Stop judging and you will find the answer to the question – how do I get my child to open up to me.


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