Is your child as happy as she can be?


Is your child happy? Is your child as happy as she can be?

The sound of a child laughing is the most beautiful sound in the world. When we plan a family we imagine a house that echoes with sounds of pattering feet and laughter.

When our babies smile for the first time – the sight of their smiles get etched in our memories.

Once babies learn how to smile they quickly progress to learning how to laugh. And it is so easy to make them laugh. They laugh at just about anything. Clap their hands together and they burst into laughter, press their chins down and they explode with laughter, play peek-a-boo with them and get rewarded with peals of laughter. It is really just that easy.

And then as children grown older – their laughter and happiness gets taken for granted. Life gets busier – priorities change – and your child’s laughter stops being as delightful as it once was.

The house becomes silent. A bored and slightly sulky face replaces the little face that used to instantly crease into a smile. And with the laughter gone even minor problems begin to look large and grim. Everything instantly makes you and your child sad.

It is extremely important not to let go of the laughter that we are born with.

It is important to teach children to greet everything in life with laughter – with a sense of humor.

A sense of humor is a very valuable gift and gift that we must necessarily give our children because it makes life so much easier for them.

It is important to build your child’s sense of humor. It is important to teach your child how to laugh at herself. It is important to help your child learn to laugh at life’s adversities – and to make others laugh.

A child who is able to laugh at herself and her problems, will grow up into an adult who will never think of the world as a bad place. She will love life because she will have the ability to dissolve the problems life throws at her with a smile.

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