Dengue symptoms – what parents should know

As soon as a child has fever – parents begin to wonder if he has Dengue symptoms

Everyone is afraid of Dengue and rightly so because Dengue is disease that quickly goes into complications and has no cure.

However, it is not enough to be afraid of Dengue.

It is important to be well-informed about the symptoms of Dengue so that you can take action on time if your child is suffering from Dengue. Prompt action is vital to ensure that lives are not lost due to Dengue

Dengue is caused by a virus. Initially therefore – the disease looks like any other viral fever. So there is fever headache body ache etc. and there is no way to say that it is Dengue

It is important therefore to pay attention to each and every fever and not neglect any fever as a viral fever.

Always take your child to the doctor on the first day of any fever. It helps when the doctor has seen the child on the very first day of the fever because when you go back to the doctor afterwards the doctor knows whether the child is improving or getting worse

In Dengue the dangers sign are rash and bleeding from anywhere the nose the gums etc. These signs tell you, that you must rush your child to hospital immediately

The worst thing in Dengue is exertion. It can make things very bad for the child.

It is very important therefore to allow your child to rest if he has fever

Do not send him to school. If he has Dengue this would be very bad for him and make things much worse than they need to be

Also remember not to relax when the fever goes down

Do not push your child back into all his activities as soon as his fever comes down

Dangerous Dengue Symptoms

The complications of Dengue begin only after the fever has gone away. So even after your child has recovered from fever and has no fever rush you child to the hospital if

  1. Your child looks lethargic and tired


  1. Your child complains of stomachache or vomiting


  1. Your child has red rashes or spots on the body


  1. There is bleeding from anywhere – the gums nose etc


  1. If your child is passing stools that are blackish


  1. If your child has cold clammy skin


  1. If your child has difficulty in breathing


Remember these are dangerous signs and mean that your child is going into complications

You must rush with your child to the hospital if you see any of these – even if there is no fever

Dengue is a complicated disease and there is no cure for Dengue

So always be extra careful about not allowing mosquitoes to bite your child

Read CDC guidelines for Dengue here


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