Why children don’t like vegetables and what to do

Almost every parent wants to know why children don’t like vegetables and what to do about it

Vegetables are so good for health. But a literal battle happens at the dining table when a child is served a vegetable. And so every parent has 2 questions “Why does my child not like vegetables?” and “What can I do to make my child like vegetables?”

The answer to the first question is simple.

Children need lots of energy – so they prefer calorie rich food. Vegetables have very few calories that is why they don’t like vegetables. Vegetables are unable to give them that instant burst of energy that they need to run and jump and play.

When children are forced to eat a diet rich in vegetables they begin to hate vegetables because they are feel they are being starved. They begin to hate the sight of vegetables. They also eat as much calorie rich junk food when it is available because they are worried that the next meal will also starve them of calories because it will be full of vegetables.

Children need to be convinced that vegetables are good for them. They need to see you choosing vegetables over other available food to get curious about vegetables. They need to see you enjoying and relishing your vegetables even when you could actually eat something else.

Children need to be familiar with vegetables before they have the courage to try them and begin to like them

The easiest way to build familiarity with a vegetable is – to offer your child a tiny serving of vegetable every day. The offer must be made with casual ease and not as if the parent’s life and happiness depends on it being eaten.

Mealtimes should fun times. Otherwise children begin to dislike vegetables for these 5 reasons that this article enumerates

The focus during mealtimes should not be on the food that is being eaten or its quantity.

Offer several healthy options and then relax and enjoy your own meal.

Focus of being joyful and present through the meal. The resultant ambience will make your child love all the food on the table.

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