Easy ways to get noticed by your child

Before you begin to speak to your child – get noticed! Read this to find out how to get noticed by your child.

When we speak and our children don’t listen – we feel insulted. It makes us angry. We feel like they are ignoring us on purpose. But this is usually not the case. Most of the time when we speak, when we instruct, or when we request children to do something – they are so engrossed in what they are doing that they have not even heard what we are saying.

As adults we believe that what we are doing is all important. We classify everything that we do as work. And we classify everything our children do as play.

Yes – it is true children are always playing, but play is a child’s most important work. Children discover themselves and the world around them through play. When they are playing they are fully focused and engrossed in what they are doing. They are concentrating on the task at hand and are oblivious to the rest of the world.

That is why when we speak to them or instruct them without first ensuring that we have their attention – what we say goes unheard and we feel ignored.

The most ineffective way of speaking to a child is preaching. But as parents with our massive agendas and our sense of self-importance what we say is often extremely preachy. Most parents are constantly instructing their children to do this and not do that. And since they are speaking continuously they tend to speak in a low droning voice.

No one likes to be constantly told what to do – including your child. When you constantly instruct your child your child learns to tune out your voice as soon as you start speaking.

Before you speak to your child – understand that your child is busy too. Understand that your child has a short attention span.

If you want your child to listen to you –

  1. Stop giving a constant stream of instructions
  2. Stop talking in a droning voice
  3. Speak in a lively voice when you say something
  4. Speak in short crisp sentences

These are easy ways to get your child’s attention.

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