Injuries during Diwali – how to prevent and treat

Diwali is the festival of lights laughter and love.

Unfortunately however it also a festival that is well-known in hospital emergency rooms for the number of injuries that happen during this festival.

So on casualty duties in the week leading up to Diwali, on Diwali and in the week following Diwali – we are expecting to see a whole bunch of injuries.

The injuries that are most commonly seen of course are burns. Eye injuries come a close second. And a variety of other injuries – like injuries due to falls etc. are also common.

What to do to prevent injuries during Diwali

The first and most important thing to remember when planning to celebrate a festival is to make arrangements to ensure that kids and adults are safe.

Children of course are more likely to get injured and so need to be considered specially when making arrangements.

During festivals – because of the decorations, the visitors and the joyous atmosphere prevailing – the familiar space of the home is transformed into an unfamiliar space. Also – because of the celebrations and festivities – excessive energy expenditure by children results In them being exhausted and injuring themselves in the safest spaces

So here is what you can do to stay safe –

  1. Always clothe children in comfortable clothes. It is acceptable if they don’t look very good – the important thing is that they should be comfortable moving around in the clothes so that they don’t trip and fall.
  2. Ensure that children wear clothes that are closely fit to the body and do not trail behind them. Trailing clothing is one of the commonest causes of burns because of the danger of the clothes catching fire.
  3. Make sure that the clothes are made of cotton and are not inflammable.
  4. Ensure that children get enough sleep and rest. Exhausted children are much more likely to injure themselves. It is important for children to stick to their regular bed times during festivals and if for some reason they are likely to be up in the night – they must sleep during the day to make up
  5. However distracted and busy you may be – always ensure that your child is under the watchful eye of a responsible adult. During festivals – children have access to a variety of things that have never seen before. And their curious minds can get them into a lot of trouble with these things.
  6. Always keep a first aid kit handy
  7. Also keep a bucket of water and a bucket of sand easily accessible
let children wear comfortable clothes on diwali

Let children wear comfortable clothes on Diwali

What to do in case of an injury during Diwali

First aid for a burn injury during Diwali

Step 1 – Place the burned area under clean running water

Step 2 – Apply an antiseptic ointment over the area

Step 3 – Cover the area with a loose gauze dressing

Step 4 – Go to the hospital

what to do for a burn during diwali

What to do for a burn during Diwali


What not to do in case of a burn injury

  1. Do not break blisters
  2. Do not apply ice on a burn wound
what not to do for burns during diwali

What not to do for burns during Diwali


First aid for an eye injury during Diwali

Step 1 – Wash as much as possible with clean running water

Step 2 – Keep the eye closed but do not rub or press the eye

Step 3 – Immediately consult a doctor

what to do for eye injuries during diwali

What to do for eye injuries during Diwali

Always be safe so that you don’t have to be sorry. Have a very happy Diwali

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