Is it a problem if I start antibiotics on my own?

Sometimes when your child is sick and you can’t bear to see him suffer anymore – you feel like starting antibiotics yourself – without a prescription. But if you are not a trained doctor – before you start antibiotics you definitely hesitate and question yourself. You ask yourself – is it a problem if I start antibiotics on my own?

So the answer is yes. Starting antibiotics on your own without prescription can do your child a lot of harm.

Most childhood fevers and colds are caused by viruses. And antibiotics do not kill viruses. They only act against bacteria.

So when your doctor asks you not to start an antibiotic – he is probably thinking your child is suffering from a viral infection. Antibiotics are not going to help at all – so why start them.

Antibiotics are not magic bullets that bring you good health as soon as you start taking them. Taking antibiotics when they are not required, cause several health problems.

So – why go to the doctor at all if he is not going to start antibiotics? You may ask. And the answer is this. Only a doctor can tell whether an infection is bacterial or viral and only he can decide if antibiotics are required or not.

If your child has a bacterial infection – antibiotics must be started without delay on the very first day. Not starting antibiotics can be dangerous. So staying home and not consulting a doctor because you think he won’t start antibiotics is definitely not something you should do.

Take your child to the doctor as soon as he / she falls sick. But wait until he prescribes antibiotics to start them.

So – if you are asking – is it a problem if I start antibiotics on my own – the answer is – yes there is a problem. Never start antibiotics on your own.

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