Have you taught your preschooler to be quiet?

Every classroom needs periods of quiet. Your preschooler needs to know how to keep quiet. Have you taught your preschooler to be quiet?

Two year olds in pre-school classrooms cannot be expected to sit quietly for long periods of time – but every pre-school expects them to sit quietly for short periods to get work done.

A child who knows how to be quiet when required – is likely to be very popular in the pre-school classroom.

On the other hand a child who is used to constantly racing around the classroom, being noisy and disrupting things there – can be very unpopular in class.

It is important for children to learn to be quiet.

But unless you really help your child to learn how to be quiet – you should not blame him for not knowing how to be quiet.

Most children don’t know how to keep quiet. This is because from the time they are born – they are the focus of attention all the time.

The presence of a child in the house can really set adults off. With a child in the house most adults  feel compelled to noisily entertain the child all the time. The child in turn is expected to respond by noisily entertaining the adults around him too.

When a child goes to school he is required to be quiet. Being quiet is something a child needs to be taught if he has always been noisy at home.

Teach your child that there is a place to run jump and have fun be noisy. And then there are times when it is essential to be quiet.

It is important to teach your child that fun does not always have to noisy. Teach your child that you can have fun without being noisy all the time.

Preschool is a lot of fun for children who are able to follow the classroom requirements of short periods of silence.

Help your child learn how to have fun without being noisy. It can make your child a star in preschool

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