What to do when your Teen becomes close to his friends

When your teen becomes close to his friends and wants to spend all his time with them – you can tell that he has stepped into his teens.

Teenage is the time when children start moving away from their parents and towards their friends. This is usually not a development that is welcomed by parents with open arms. And this change in the child’s priorities and behavior result in several parent child conflicts.

If you are the parent of a teenager understand that it is only natural for your teen to give his friends more and more importance as moves from childhood into adolescence. It is normal for your teen to begin spending more and more time with his friends.

If he is confiding in his friends and trying to be like them – he is just being a normal average teenager.

It can be upsetting to lose out on the position you have always had in his life – but you must learn to take the change in your stride. Do not feel hurt and upset and express your sadness at losing out on the spot you had in your child’s life – by criticizing his friends.

If you criticize your teen’s friends – you will only succeed in driving him further away from you. Instead recognize your teen’s need for friends. Make the effort to understand how important your teen’s friends are to him. Open your home and heart to them. Invite them over frequently

Give them the space to be themselves in the safe environment of your house

Understand that your teen will want to go out with his friends. Be the parent who is willing to pick up and drop

Don’t constantly worry.

In the teen years nothing seems dangerous or worth worrying about. So if you keep telling your child that you are worried you will seem like an alien to your child. Instead let your child know that you are always available and can be reached out to if he needs help.

Remember that your teenager needs his friends but he needs you too

Always be there for your child

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