When you are upset because your child did not eat

You cooked a healthy meal with a lot of effort for your child. And he refused to eat it. Are you upset because your child did not eat? If yes. watch this video post – What to do when your child refuses a meal

When you are brainstorming on ways to show someone how much they mean to you – what is the first thing you most likely to come up with?

I can tell you what I would come up with. I would think of inviting the person in question over for an elaborate meal that took hours of hard work to put together.

And I am sure – so would you.

Yes – the easiest way to express your love for someone is to cook that person a meal with love. The more love we have for that person – the more effort we put into making his/her meal. That is the way human beings think.

When you are a parent – you love your child. You love them beyond your imagination. You love them beyond the words in your vocabulary.

There is so much love in your heart – that you struggle to express it. What can you say – to show your child that you love him? No – “I love you” is simply not enough. You have to do something. But what?

Why not cook something you think. You can translate your love into hard work. And you can nourish his body at the same time.

So you begin to cook. You put in the best and purest ingredients that you need to go out of your way to buy. You clean with diligence – you cook on a slow flame – you do everything you can to create a meal that is healthy and tasty.

And you serve it to your child and he refuses to eat it.

You feel insulted. You feel your hard work has been belittled. You feel you have wasted your time and energy. And then of course you are worried. If he doesn’t eat this – what will he eat? You wonder.

The rejection of the meal through which you wanted to express your love – sends you into a negative spiral. You feel sad and dejected.

Now you need to do something to feel accepted. You can’t bear to have your child rejecting your love. So you offer junk food. Food that you would otherwise never have offered. In this food your child sees your desperate attempt to show your love and so your child eats this. And that is how your child turns into a picky eater because he now associates that particular junk food with your love

Stop expressing your love for your child with food.

When you express your love through the food you have cooked, he rejection of that food feels like a personal insult.

Remember your child does not know how much hard work went into creating her meal.

So when a child rejects a meal don’t imagine that she is trying to belittle your hard work or reject your love.

Don’t let your desperation to be accepted compel you to appease your child by offering junk food.

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