Wash hands – fall sick less often

The slogan – “Wash hands – fall sick less often.” was coined in the year 1840 when a doctor called Semmelweis proved that washing hands was the easiest way to keep infections from spreading. And from there on – research has proved over and over again that hand washing is the easiest way to stay safe from infections.

Our hands make us the people that we are.

Our hands are versatile and capable of innumerable actions. There is almost nothing that our hands cannot do.

In order to be as efficient as they are – and perform all the functions that they do – our hands have a very complex structure. There are numerous tiny nooks and crannies on our hands that can remain dirty and germ laden without us ever noticing them.

Also when the hands belong to children – they go everywhere and touch everything. They gather germs from everywhere and transfer them to your child’s eyes nose and mouth. And from here – these germs make their way into your child’s body.

So your child’s hands carry germs from everywhere to your body. Some of these germs cause diseases and can make your child very sick.

Unwashed hands then – can cause your child to fall sick. And if the situation is not corrected and your child continues not to wash his hands – he falls sick repeatedly.

Of course you don’t want your child to fall sick. So the easiest way to keep your child from falling sick would be to teach your child to wash his hands frequently and correctly.

Since children are constantly touching things – frequent washing will ensure that the germs do not stay on the hands when they go near the mouth, nose and eyes.

When to wash hands

And since hands are extremely complex in their construction – correct washing will ensure that all the nooks and crannies are cleaned out.

How to wash hands correctly

Make sure your child washes his hands – to fall sick less often

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