What to do when your child is bored?

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Kids often declare that they are bored. And parents feel extremely guilty when they hear that declaration. They wonder what they can do to end the boredom. So – here is what you can do when your child is bored.

And when they say that we feel extremely guilty and desperately look around for a way to end their boredom. But often – because what we do to alleviate their boredom is a knee jerk reaction – we do the first thing that comes to mind. We either give them a gadget to play with – or organise an activity for them. But these things don’t always satisfy them and very soon they are back to saying that they are bored again.

Why is that? In most cases it is that because we don’t understand what kids mean when they say that they are bored.


What do children mean when they say “I am bored”?

  • When a kid says “I am bored”, he is saying – “Give me love and attention”

Children thrive when they are acknowledged and recognised by their parents. When they are deprived of this attention they begin to feel uncomfortable and anxious. For want of a better word to describe this feeling – they call it boredom. They say – I am bored. But they don’t want entertainment or activities. What they want is love and affection.

  • When a kid says he is bored – many times he is saying – “I need to jump, run and shout.”

“I need to release all my energy”

Kids have a lot of energy. They need to move around and spend this energy. If they spend too much time sitting in one place – they begin to feel restless and uncomfortable. For want of a better word again they say that they are bored – but actually what they want is – to go run about and jump. They want to expend their energy. They want to tire themselves out. They want to let go of their steam. Because that will make them feel better.

  • When a kid says he is bored – many a times – he may be saying – “Give me free time, to create and dream”

Children need free time when they are not doing anything to use their imaginations. If they don’t get that time. When they are unable to use the creative part of their brain and this makes them restless. With their limited vocabulary – all they are able to say to express this feeling is that they are bored.


So, the next time your child says “I am bored!” Do this – 

  1. Give him a big hug and lots of kisses!
  2. Set him free from his busy schedule for a while
  3. Allow him to be himself
  4. Don’t jump up to entertain him

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