What to do when your child is called hyperactive

What to do when your child is called hyperactive?

When preschools begin their sessions and a new batch of little ones begin to go to school a lot of shocked and very upset parents connect with me because they just can’t believe the feedback that they are getting from their children’s teachers.

This is what they come and tell me.

“Hyperactive! She is calling my child hyperactive!

“She says my child doesn’t listen!”

“She says my child disturbs all the other children in the class!”

“I just can’t believe this! My child is an angel!”

“How can she say such things about my child?”

And of course parents are right. Your child is an angel. Every child is good and perfect.

But when your child’s teacher calls your child difficult and hyperactive she may be right too.

If your child’s teacher is calling your child difficult and hyperactive you may have a child who is a victim of excessively loving parenting.

When a child is used to being the center of attention all the time at home, it may be a little difficult for him to get used to not having all that attention showered on him when he goes to the classroom.

It is difficult for him to understand that the teacher will give all 20 students in the class equal amounts of attention and so he is going to get only 1/20th of her attention.

Since he is used to more attention he is going to try to attract more attention towards himself and he will soon discover that he can attract attention by being disruptive in class disturbing other people and not following instructions.

When he behaves like this he will be called hyperactive and difficult.

So a very simple explanation for what seems like a really complicated problem.

Of course this is just one of the reasons for hyperactive behavior there are several others – usually they are simple reasons with simple solutions.

If your child is being called hyperactive or difficult don’t allow it to continue. Being labelled like this can really damage your child.

Reach out for help and try to understand the cause for his hyperactivity and look for a solution.

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