3 Things your child must learn before starting preschool

Children start learning when they begin preschool. But there are 3 things your child must learn before starting preschool and here they are.

Starting preschool is a huge milestone in the life of a child. Life as a preschooler is really different from life as a toddler. And the changes involved are really not that easy to handle.

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When a toddler becomes a preschooler he literally needs to rethink his whole identity and that is not easy for someone who is barely two years old.

It will be really easy for you to understand this if you think about it like this.

Right from the time your child is born he is the focus of all your attention. In fact he is the focus of every adult’s attention around him.

Every adult around her is constantly playing with her talking to her or being nice to her. And then one fine day your child goes to school. The adults she is used to are missing and the attention she is used to is also missing.

There is one teacher who is now dividing her attention between all the 15 – 20 children in her class.

And so in the matter of a day your child has to get used to getting 1/20th of the attention that she was used to.

It is a drastic step down in importance for her and obviously a transition that is very difficult to make.

You can make this transition easy for your child if you introduce your child to these 3 things.

First – let your child understand that she will not get attention as soon as she demands it.

Let your child get used to requests like “Please wait” – “Just give me a minute I will soon be there” before she goes to preschool.

If you always drop everything that you are doing to be with your child as soon she asks you she will be severely disappointed when she doesn’t get that kind of attention from her teacher in preschool.

Second – train your child to work at tasks even when she is not the center of all attention. If she is used to your constantly giving her attention while she is playing or drawing she will constantly ask for her teacher’s attention and disrupt the class and this will make her very unpopular in the classroom.

Third – teach your child that taking turns is important. Explain to her that everyone must come first sometimes but everyone must also take a turn at coming last sometimes.

Being able to take turns will make her very popular with both her teachers and her classmates.

Preschool is your child’s first encounter with the outside world make an effort to make this a pleasant experience for your child.

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