This is why breast milk is better than formula milk

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Breast milk is better than formula says everyone you meet (though there are occasionally people who say formula is better). But how is it better you wonder.

How can it better when a random amount of milk is produced by the breasts? And from the way the baby cries – this random amount is apparently never enough for the baby. How can it not be better to measure out scoops of powder according to the baby’s age and satisfy the baby?

Also who knows what is there in breast milk. It looks terribly watery compared to formula. And is unlikely to have all the nutrients that are mentioned on the formula packet label. So how then is breast milk better than formula milk?

When you want to be a 100% sure of delivering every nutrient in the right amount to your baby – how can it not be better to give formula milk?

So the answer is breast milk is better than formula – because what is put into formula milk is what we roughly estimate all babies need at a particular age. On the other hand your breast milk is tailor-made for your baby. What it contains and how much of it is produced – depends completely on your baby’s requirement on that day and at that time.

Your body carried your baby and delivered it. So your body can calculate the age of your baby because it knows when the baby was delivered. The age of the baby is calculated by your body depending on the time at which the placenta separated from your uterus and was delivered. This information is passed on by your body to your breasts. And with this calculation at hand your breasts change the nutrients in the breast milk based on the age of your baby.

Breast milk produced when the baby is one week old is completely different from breast milk produced when your baby is 6 weeks old.

That is why it is important to breastfeed. Breast milk is nature’s way of ensuring that babies get the right nutrients at the right age.

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