Do this for successful breastfeeding


“Do this one thing for successful breastfeeding!”

Have you wished someone would say that to you and make your life easy? Well that is a wish is that is about to come true in this article. Read on as we tell you what that one thing is that will help you succeed at breastfeeding.

Being successful at breastfeeding can be tremendous boost to both mother and baby both physically and emotionally. However, as a new mom it is difficult to know what to do to actually succeed at breastfeeding.

There is usually a whole stream of advice that makes its way to new moms – but most of these suggestions involve doing complicated time-consuming things. As a new mom of course – life is extremely busy. No sooner is a breast feed done than a host of other tasks follow. After every feed there are at least two diaper changes that must be done. Then the baby must be put to sleep and just as you finish disposing the soiled diaper – it is time for the next feed.

There is no time to do complicated time-consuming tasks or prepare elaborate snacks and foods that will supposedly increase the amount of breast milk. So new moms need a quick and simple solution. And that simple solution is – drink water.

Find time in your busy day to drink lots of water – Breast milk is made up of several nutrients dissolved in water. To increase the quantity of breast milk and improve its flow – you need to drink lots of water.

Always keep a bottle of water near you when you settle down to breastfeed your baby. Since feeds can sometimes be really long – keep sipping from your bottle as you feed.

After you finish the feed drink a glass of water again.

In addition to helping in producing more breast milk, staying hydrated will also keep you energized and stress free.

So – if you are a breastfeeding Mom – and there is one thing you want to do to increase your breast milk production – start drinking more water.

Drinking water to satisfy your thirst should be sufficient and a little more than that is the ideal amount. Read about the recommended amounts of water to be consumed while breastfeeding here

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