Phulkos – Soft Shell Tacos made with Phulkas

Phulkas or the traditional rotis that are made every day at home – are sometimes received without enthusiasm when we serve them at mealtimes to our kids.

Kids look grumpy when phulkas appear on the table and say that they want to eat something “different”

But phulkas are undeniably good for children and if their only fault is not being “different” enough – here is a recipe that can act like a magic wand and make them “different” and most desirable

Phulkos – soft shell tacos by Malavika Shenoy

Ingredients and Nutritional Values – for the phulkas

Ingredients Quantity Nutritional value/ 100g
Whole wheat flour 2 cups 340 cal
Salt To taste
Water 1 cup
Millet flour (optional) ½ cup

Method for the phulkas

  1. Sift the flour and millet flour* with salt and add water to make a soft pliable dough
  2. Keep it aside for 10 mins. Make small balls with dough and roll them in to small rounds.
  3. Heat griddle and roast the phulkas on the tawa till it begins to cook on both side.
  4. Take it off the tawa and keep it on direct heat for it to puff up. (only for a few seconds)
  5. Once done keep it aside

Ingredients and Nutritional values for the filling

Ingredients Quantity Nutrirional Value
Aubergines 2 medium cubed 25 cal
Onion 1 medium cubed 40 cal
Peppers 1 no cubed 40 cal
Zucchini 1 no. cubed 17 cal
Garlic cloves 3-4 nos 13  cal /3 cloves
Cumin powder 1 tsp 8 cal
Salt To taste
Chilli pdr/paprika 1 tsp 6 cal/tsp
Turmeric ½ tsp 8 cal/tsp
Aamchur ¼ tsp

Method for filling

  1. Mix salt, garlic paste, cumin powder, aamchoor, turmeric and chillie powder together and rub them on the cubed vegetables.
  2. Skewer them and grill them on pan until the vegetables are cooked but are still crunchy.

Assembling the Phulkos

Take the phulka and place some salad leaves (Lettuce, Shredded cabbage, baby spinach) on it.

Place the grilled vegetables in the centre. Add toppings of your choice (mint mayo, hummus, aioli)

You can also add pickled vegetable (carrots, beetroots, olives, jalapenos)


You can use any vegetable you like

You can use any spice mix of your choice to make the marinade.  So mix and match different ingredients and enjoy cooking and eating.

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