The drink that can keep your child healthy

Parents are always on the lookout for magic. And one of the things that they look out for most is something magical that will keep their children happy. So as a doctor I often get asked this by parents. Is there a drink or a medicine that I can feed my child to keep him/her  healthy? And my answer is “Yes. There is a drink that can keep your child healthy”

For concerned parents – looking for magic –  magic is not far away. There is a health drink that can keep children from falling sick. And the health drink that can keep children healthy – is called water. Water is essential for the healthy functioning of the immune system. The immune system is made up of cells and each cell is made up of 70% water. So, the one thing that can keep the immune system functioning well is water. Every cell in the immune system needs to be well fed on water if it is to perform its function of keeping the body disease free.

Water has other functions as well that go a long way in keeping the body healthy. One of the very important functions of water is – that it washes out the toxins and other wastes that accumulate in the body.

Water also has the function of carrying the nutrients that we take in – in our diet – to the various different corners of the body. So it is water that ensures that the vitamins minerals and other nutrients that we take in our diet travel from our digestive system to all the distant cells in the various organs of the body because the nutrients travel when they are carried in water.

However, to be effective – water must be consumed in its colorless odorless and tasteless form. That means in its pure form. That means fizzy drinks, juices, milk tea and coffee just cannot do what water does for the body.

Encourage your child to drink water. Water makes children healthier and happier.

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