During exams allow your child to skip meals

During exams allow your child to skip meals – I advise. Are you surprised? Don’t be. Here is what you should know.

Food is essential to keep the brain and body functioning perfectly and that is what children need during exams. But while that is a fact – there is another lesser known fact. And that is – that during exams you should allow your child to skip meals

When exams are close by – children are stressed because of the amount that they have to study – and they lose their appetite and stop eating their meals.

When children don’t eat because of exams – parents get stressed.

(a) because they know that food is essential to keep the brain functioning well and

(b) because they know that if children don’t eat – they will surely fall sick during the exams.

Adding parental stress to the child’s stress is definitely not a good idea and so it is most important to reduce your stress because of your child’s not eating the regular meals.

So this is what you need to know about eating during exams. During exams it is actually better not to eat the 4 major heavy meals. Eating 4 large heavy meals can actually do more harm than good because it makes the body sleepy and reduces the concentration while your child is studying. It is best to eat smaller more frequent meals packaged as healthy snacks.

So when your child wants to skip a meal – don’t blow up just offer him a healthy snack.

Dry fruits are an excellent snack. Dry fruits can be served by themselves or packaged into snacks like brownies or muffins. Fruits can be turned into fruit milk shakes or smoothies. And puddings, junkets and other healthy things can be made tastier by adding cocoa and chocolate which then push up the concentration levels.

All these foods – while being snacks – while being tasty and while being acceptable to your child – are also good for health and make up for that meal which your child didn’t eat. When there is a lot of stress in the house – don’t panic – don’t add to the stress. Just make a healthy eating plan and execute it.

Eat smart – to stay smart.

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