What to do when you want to produce more breast milk for your baby.


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When your baby starts crying right after a feed – you know that your baby is not full. You know that your baby wants more milk. And you want to give your baby more milk. But giving a baby more breast milk is not easy. So what should you do when you want to produce more breast milk for your baby.

You need to produce more breast milk. And producing more breast milk is not as simple as opening up a tin and scooping out some milk powder and mixing it up in a bottle of water.

Here is milk that is coming out on its own in whatever quantity. And you have no way of increasing or decreasing that quantity. And not having any control over something that is so vital to your and your baby can be extremely frustrating.

While there is no switch you can press – or nothing you can eat – to produce breastmilk. If you understand how breastmilk is produced – you can produce more breastmilk.

Breastmilk production is based on the principle of demand and supply.

So the more – the demand from your baby – the more the milk your breasts will produce. In other words – the amount of breast milk produced is directly proportional to your baby’s hunger.

When your baby is hungry – your baby suckles more. And this suckling is interpreted as increased demand by your breasts. And the supply of breastmilk is stepped up in proportion to this demand.

Since your baby is growing and is hungrier – he rapidly empties your breast by suckling during the feed. The empty breast is signal for more milk production.

If you want to produce milk empty your breast by suckling more.

Babies love to suckle. Allow your baby to suckle even if you think there is no milk. The suckling will ensure that more milk is produced.

Do not use pacifiers. Suckling on a pacifier is wasted suckling. Also do not feed your baby formula milk. A baby fed on formula will not be hungry enough to suckle hard enough and long enough to step up the milk supply.

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