When you express your love through food

The easiest way to express your love is through food. But when you express your love through food – if the food is rejected – you feel rejected too. Don’t express your love through food. Watch this.

When you love someone – what do you do? You invite him/her for a meal. You make sure you offer the best food you can get your hands on – at that meal. The more you like that person – the greater the effort you put into making the meal you are offering – wonderful and memorable.

So feeding someone is the easiest and most basic way of expressing your love for that person.

We love our children so much. We love them beyond where our imaginations can take us. And so we want to offer them the best food we can.

Yes – of course we know that healthy food will keep them healthy and so we endeavor at first to offer healthy food. But when they refuse the healthy food we are offering – it makes us uncomfortable. The rejection of the food we offer – feels like rejection of the love we are offering on that plate or in that bowl.

We are shocked and dismayed with this rejection. We want to be accepted. We want to be accepted at any cost. So we continue to offer other food.

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From our experience in life – and with the children we have seen before this – we know that where healthy food doesn’t work – unhealthy food – or junk food definitely does. And so we offer junk food. Because of the chemical properties of junk food and the effect it has on our brains and taste buds – the same child who rejected the healthy food – eagerly starts eating the junk food we offer.

And this child who just wanted not to eat a certain meal – turns into a picky eater.

If you don’t want your child to be a picky eater stop expressing your love through food.

When you express your love through food and your child rejects the food it makes you feel like you have been rejected.

Children reject food for various reasons. Don’t take the rejection of food personally.

Your child is not rejecting you or your love when he rejects the food you offer.

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